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Vision Impairment of Seniors and How Senior Care Services Can Help

Uncategorized  |  August 13, 2018

Vision loss can be devastating, and a major contributor to loss of independence for an older adult. Luckily, there are options for seniors with this disability, through senior care services and other medical professionals.


Vision Loss of Seniors

Anyone suffering from vision loss could also have problems with daily behaviors we take for granted, like reading, cooking meals, or simply dialing the phone. Loss of these common activities can make independence difficult, or even impossible for an older adult. Losing our eyesight is especially frightening if you consider that the odds of loss continue to increase as we all age. Nonetheless, vision impairment isn’t regarded as a “normal” part of aging, and the negative effect on older men and women can be devastating. Loss of vision is traumatic, for the older adult losing sight, their family and loved ones, as well.


Studies show that aging adults who have diminished eyesight additionally suffer through challenges of their once common activities. They often stop driving long before their friends of the same age would be considering doing so. They may need to make extra arrangements for errands and shopping, managing their finances or doing housework. The sad reality is that most people with vision loss will go outdoors less than others, and walk much less, which therefore leads to increased weakening and a tendency to fall more.


In addition to their vision challenges, aging adults with impaired vision more often succumb to chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, due to an unhealthy diet, and inactivity. Inactivity leads to chronic illness, and low-vision seniors just aren’t as active as seniors with normal eyesight.


From there, things may continue to spiral without proper care. The constraints from poor eyesight, inactivity, and correlated chronic health problems lead to depression and anxiety. This all creates a vicious cycle, where depression spirals down to isolation if the adult declines participation in social activities they enjoyed at one time. In fact, high levels of depression and anxiety can sometimes limit a senior from everyday activities more than their visual problems!


Here’s the good news… There is professional help available now for visually-impaired seniors. Doctors can prescribe therapies that teach coping skills for managing vision problems. With the assistance of rehab and newly available visual aids, the senior can remain active with family and community.


If the low-vision adult accepts the support of family, friends, and caregivers with shopping, meal preparation, transportation to doctor appointments and social events, their isolation is lessened, and they can feel a sense of normalcy resuming in their daily lives.


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