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Caregivers: Keep In Balance with the MOVE Method

Do you feel selfish for taking time for yourself?

It’s a common theme. But the thing is, being a caregiver is a demanding responsibility. You need to keep yourself in good physical, mental, and emotional condition for the sake of your loved one or client.

In other words, not taking time for yourself could be even more selfish!

We’ve developed the MOVE Method to help caregivers take a break for themselves every once in a while. These short but scheduled self-care sessions help you keep invigorated, focused, and “there” for the person you’re caring for.

The MOVE Method breaks down into five areas:

  1. MOVE Your Body
  2. MOVE Your Brain
  3. MOVE Your Food
  4. MOVE Your Spirit
  5. MOVE Your Emotions

Read the whole blog post on the Think Aging website:

One last thing that can really help is getting actual, hands-on support! In-home care services tend to be extremely flexible, giving you the extra help you need, when you need it. Perhaps you want to step out for a few hours every week. Or, if you are working or thinking about going back to work, having someone around can give you great peace of mind.

Comfort Keepers has a range of services to help you as you support your family member or loved one. Contact us at or at (705) 293-5553 to learn how easy it is to get a helping hand.

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