Elderly Care is an Essential Element of Stress Management During the Holidays

Elderly Care: Young women holder the shoulders of an elder in a wheel chair

Stress management is an important part of healthy living. Anything has the potential to bring stress, especially during the holidays. Family that has the responsibility to care for aging loved ones may find the season to be more stressful. Elderly care is an important part of managing stress during the holidays. You want to be sure that your aging loved ones receive the best of care and are able to enjoy the holidays along with the rest of the family.

Here are ways to prevent stress during this holiday season:

Be Grateful for All Things

Think of all the things you’re most grateful for and how they bring joy to your life. Don’t spend time dwelling on what you don’t have or can’t buy this holiday season. Family, food, laughs and good times will bring immeasurable joy and you should spend time focusing on these things.

Keep Your Routines

If you exercise regularly, attend a fitness class or participate in other physical activities, continue to do so during the holidays. It can be stressful dwelling on those things that you usually do, but aren’t doing because it’s the holiday season. These activities help to eliminate stress and should definitely be incorporated into daily living during the holidays. Elderly care providers can remind aging adults to stay consistent with physical activity.

Abstain from Excessive Alcohol Intake

While it is common for alcohol to be served at almost every holiday festivity, it is necessary to limit the amount being consumed. Drinking too much alcohol can decrease your inhibitions and lead to aggressive or combative behavior. When hosting holiday events, provide minimal amounts of alcohol to friends and family to create a less hostile and more pleasant environment for those in attendance.

Take Time Out for Yourself

The holiday season can become so consumed with things to do that you forget to make time for yourself. Just a few minutes out of the day doing something that you enjoy can make a difference in your stress levels. Get a massage or take a long bath just to experience some quiet time.

Budget Your Money Wisely

Spending more than you have budgeted is easy to do during the holiday season. Purchasing food and buying gifts can cause a hit to your budget if you don’t remain in the preset limits and cause you to stress. Prior to the holidays, review your budget and make the decision to stick to it. You don’t want to incur any extra debt during the holidays which will cause you to stress long after the holidays have passed.

Family and aging adults benefit from professional elderly care during the holidays. Stress management is completely possible during the holidays with the assistance of senior caregivers. Make provisions to give them what they need and make the holidays a time to be enjoyed by all.

Please contact us at anytime during your busy holiday schedule if you have any questions concerning elderly care, either through our website or by phone, (613) 707-9035.

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