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Ottawa is a city where you enjoy every season, thanks to a wide range of destinations, lovely sceneries, and stunning architectural and cultural structures such as National Gallery of Canada, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum and Canadian Museum of Nature. Gatineau Park is just the perfect place for seniors who want to chat with their friends and caregivers, have a blast with their grandchildren, read a book or simply admire the world around them. In this beautiful city, where there are so many seniors, we are proud to offer a wide range of senior care services.


More about our in home care in Ottawa, ON

Years of quality service and care is what seniors all throughout Ottawa have been and are currently experiencing with services provided by Comfort Keepers. We help your loved ones maintain a quality of life they can enjoy by providing in home care that you can trust, and seniors can depend on when needed. We help with the essentials and the basic wants of your loved ones. Our caregivers assist with grooming, baths, meal prep, making grocery lists and shopping, laundry, and errands.


In home care provisions is an important asset for seniors who wish to remain in the comfort of their own home, while maintaining their independence. The presence of our caregivers assures that seniors are safe, healthy and have their basic needs met. They provide emotional and physical stimulation to seniors by making sure their meds are administered as prescribed and that the senior engages in activities that keep them active and involved in things they enjoy. Crafts, exercise, boardwalks, long walks or whatever the senior likes to do in their spare time is what their companion offers to do with them to keep them engaged.


Our services are always available and more aligned to meet the needs and requirements of the senior and their family. If you need around-the-clock care, Comfort Keepers provides it. Part-time and emergency hours are available as needed and can be arranged with short notice. The main priority is to ensure that your senior loved one has the necessary care and assistance when family members are away or have other important matters to take care of. A care plan is put together during an initial consultation to provide a guideline for caregivers to follow. If the needs of the senior changes, the plan can be changed also.


If you need more information about the services provided by Comfort Keepers, contact us today to find out more. We would be happy to arrange an in home care consultation and meet your senior loved one.


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