How To Protect Your Skin

Protect Skin in Summer

Finally, summer is just around the corner and everyone, including our aging adults in home health care, will be able to take advantage of the warmer outdoors. Getting ample time outdoors is a benefit in many ways, yet it can be detrimental to skin, especially older skin. To protect adult skin from harsh UV rays this summer, consider some of the following skin-saving tips:

Gently Cleanse Older Skin

People tend to sweat more in the warmer months, and adults in home health care sometimes need help keeping their skin fresh and clean. Gentle cleansers designed for sensitive skin are best for because older skin becomes fragile. As people age, the skin gets thinner with less collagen and elastin than it used to have. Never scrub the skin because delicate skin can rip. Dry skin by gently patting with soft towels.

Remember to Moisturize

Sometimes people think about moisturizing the skin in winter months, but forget about it in summer. Air conditioning actually dries skin out, equally to the furnace heat. Remember to moisturize year round.

Sunscreen to Be Safe

Adults in home health care are encouraged to apply sunscreen if outside in the sun more than a few minutes, in order to prevent burning and sun damage. As people age, it becomes more challenging for older skin to recover from the sun. Some research suggests that seniors are more prone to skin infections and cancers, so be sure our senior friends are protected.

Fresh Clean Water

Drinking plenty of fresh clean water purifies our bodies and skin of toxins. Those who drink plenty of water tend to have noticeable improvements in their skin tone as a result. Six to eight glasses of water per day is suggested for seniors in home health care.

Stay Indoors When It’s Too Hot Outside

Seniors in home health care are typically better off staying indoors during the hottest times of the day. The hot midday sun can cause significant harm to the skin and create heat sickness. Therefore, if an older adult must be outdoors in the heat of summer, limit physical activity to a minimum.

Adhere to these tips above and older adults will have reduced risk of dry skin, skin cancer, and other conditions that can easily be prevented during the summer. In addition, skin will be more youthful-looking, which helps people feel better about the way they look.

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