Seniors Are Able to Enjoy Outdoor Activities Like Gardening with the Help of Our Home Care Services

Senior resident gardening outdoors with the help of her home care provider.

With the debut of spring, many seniors, with the assistance of our home care services, can take advantage of the warming weather with some light gardening outdoors. In addition, aging adults typically are uplifted by flowers and fresh produce and gardening offers them other benefits, as well. Some of these benefits include:


Engaging in gardening can help seniors in home care better manage their weight, improve flexibility, strengthen heart and lungs, and promote additional muscular strength.

Increased Exposure to Vitamin D

Gardening gives seniors increased exposure to vitamin D, which is essential for everyone, including older adults. Vitamin D can help strengthen bones, thereby helping to prevent fractures. Gardening maintains their mobility and independence and can decrease the risk of heart issues, diabetes, and even some types of cancer.

Reduced Stress

Financial stress, health challenges, and the loss of loved ones are all especially difficult for aging adults, but gardening reduces stress levels and can help single adults avoid loneliness or depression, just by the enjoyment of an outdoor environment that is beautiful and peaceful.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Aging sometimes leads to a sense of loss in personal strengths and accomplishments, while in home care but gardening provides older people with a sense of accomplishment. First, they finish their planting and later their harvesting. Older adults can feel fulfilled and accomplished by growing vegetables and eat from their own garden.

Reduced Risk of Dementia

Seniors can even reduce the risk of dementia if they garden on a regular basis. It can improve their problem-solving skills and create additional sensory awareness skills to keep their brains in tip-top shape.

A New Skill or Hobby

Older adults who have never gardened before might realize gardening as a fun new skill and hobby that makes them feel competent. Learning about different types or species of plants can build their attitude towards eventually becoming experts in their gardens.

To ensure senior safety while gardening, they should apply sunscreen, or stay partially shaded, drink plenty of water, use knee pads to protect their knees, wear long sleeves as necessary to prevent cuts, and be sure to use walkways that are flat and free of slipping hazards.

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