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SafetyChoice® TabSafe Medication System

The perfect choice for complicated medication safety

If your loved one has to juggle multiple medications with a variety of dosing times, or has problems remembering to take his or her daily doses, the TabSafe medication system is an affordable and effective option.

If the client misses a dose, the TabSafe system makes an automated call to the client’s contact list. If there’s no response, an alert is sent to the SafetyChoice® Centralized Monitoring Station which makes a call to the user or caregiver.

The TabSafe medication system plugs into the existing phone line and holds four cartridges, each available in 16 or 32 dose sizes that are interchangeable. The unit is capable of handling a variety of dispensing schedules and doses for each day of the week, with a dispensing button that’s easy to see and feel.


  • The 24-hour battery backup system keep the system functioning during a power failure. The system also includes an energy-saving mode.
  • If power is lost, the prescription schedule is maintained in the system’s memory.
  • Up to three phone numbers will be called with an alert in the event of a missed dose.
  • As-needed medication (PRN) can be released safely without risk of overdose.
  • Notifications are sent when medication levels are low.
  • Audio and visual alert notification.

In-Home Consultation

Comfort Keepers® will assess your safety needs and recommend the right product. Comfort Keepers will visit the home, work with the family to determine the specific needs, and demonstrate how these care products help seniors stay safe while maintaining independence in the home.
*SafetyChoice® is not available in all areas, check with your local office for availability


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