Do You Need In-Home Care Services in Calgary, AB?

Complete our short survey to learn if it is time for your loved one to receive in-home care

Is your senior loved one having trouble bathing or dressing? Are they unable to perform light housekeeping tasks? These are only two signs that it may be time for you to consider home care for your loved one. Take our survey to help you better understand whether it’s time to pursue professional senior care options for yourself or a loved one in Calgary, AB.

As a leading home health agency for local seniors throughout the Alberta area, we are dedicated to assisting you loved ones with all aspects of their everyday care needs. Complete the following survey to determine what care services you or your senior loved one could benefit from.

To learn more about our individual home care services in Calgary or to book a complimentary in home assessment, contact us through our website or call us today at 587-315-5388.

Check “Yes” or “No” for the questions below: *

Is your loved one wearing clothing that is dirty or has food stains?
Does your loved one wear his/her night clothes during the day?
Does your loved one wear the same outfit day after day?
Is it apparent your loved one is not showering or bathing?
Does your loved one fail to comb/style their hair or brush their teeth?
Is your loved one losing weight?
Is there unusual tearing or bruising of the skin that may indicate a fall?
Does your loved one fail to recognize you or know your name?
Does your loved one fail to speak normally or have trouble communicating?
Are there signs of confusion such as not knowing the date, where he/she is, or, the season of the year?
Has your loved one withdrawn socially or is he/she less communicative?
Are there foul smells coming from the refrigerator and cupboards?
Are the cupboards void of nutritious food?
Is the home cluttered and does it have newspapers and mail accumulated?
Are you finding expired medications or medications that are not being taken?
Has your loved one fallen recently?
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