Men in Calgary Are Affected by Osteoporosis, Too

Women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis, but men also suffer from bone loss and osteoporosis.

Men have a much lower risk of osteoporosis than women, but they’re still at risk for the disease. Osteoporosis is a key factor in senior care as a trip and fall can lead to bone fractures or breaks.

Osteoporosis is a silent disease, progressing slowly over time as the person’s bones begin to thin.

Men that have a history of osteoporosis in their family are at higher risk of the disease, but anyone can be impacted by it. Studies show that 55% of seniors in the US have osteoporosis, and two million senior men have the disease.

Another 12 million men are at-risk of the disease.

As the population continues to age, these figures continue to rise. One-in-five men will suffer from osteoporosis compared to one-in-three women. While the risks of having the disease are lower in men, the risks of death are higher.

Men are at a much higher risk of a fall-related death than women. Hip fractures, due to bone loss, can lead to a statistically higher percentage of men dying within a year of their fracture compared to women.

Older men are often diagnosed with osteoporosis later than women, allowing the disease to progress. Men that are over the age of 50 must take a proactive approach to senior care and receive treatment or take measures to strengthen their bones.

Men that fall into the following categories are at a higher risk of osteoporosis:

  • Smokers
  • Maintain an inactive lifestyle
  • Lower testosterone levels
  • Drink alcohol often
  • Family history of osteoporosis or bone fractures
  • Disorders that prevent the absorption of amino acids, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K and vitamin D

Men that believe they’re at a higher risk of osteoporosis should be screened by a doctor. Additional steps can include a senior care plan that includes physical therapy, exercise, medication to stop bone loss and a proper diet that encourages strong bones.

A person that smokes, drinks or is inactive will want to stop these habits.

Men that take action early, exercise and maintain a healthier diet will be able to reduce their risks of fractures, bone breaks and osteoporosis.

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