Respite Care and Your Loved One

Consider Respite Care

Taking care of a loved one can be a fulfilling, joyful experience. It can feel good to take care of someone who took care of you for many years, and oftentimes, giving care to a family member can bring you closer together.

However, taking care of a family member, especially if it’s around the clock, can be demanding emotionally and physically. If you’re caring for a family member, you may find yourself feeling drained or emotionally exhausted. Maybe you haven’t had time to care for yourself and do the things that you enjoy doing.

If this is the case, respite care may be an option. Respite care is temporary care provided by a professional to relieve a family member or primary caregiver from their responsibilities. Respite care is available for anywhere from just a few hours up to extended periods of time, like a few weeks. Respite care allows the primary caregiver to relax and recharge while having the peace of mind that their loved one is being cared for.

Many primary caregivers feel guilty when they are doing something for themselves instead of caring for their loved one. However, in order to provide the best care, it’s important for you to take breaks every so often. Caregiving can be stressful and can even bring on feelings of resentment. More than likely, the person you’re caring for will pick up on this. Plus, it’s a good change of pace for your loved one. It’s likely that your loved one doesn’t have many new visitors, so bringing in a new guest can be valuable and exciting for them.

There are a few different options for respite care. Some family members use a nursing home or an adult daycare center. Others prefer to keep their loved one in the comfort of their own home and bring in a caregiver. Either way, make sure that your loved one is included in the conversation. Their comfort and happiness should be the priority.

With respite care, the primary caregiver will be able to relax and re-energize. They will also be able to spend time with other family members or participate in hobbies. This can relieve the stress, guilt, and resentment that can come along with being a full-time caregiver for a family member.

Comfort Keepers offers respite care for caregivers who need it. Our caregivers will come right to your loved one’s home, so there’s no need to transport them to a new and unfamiliar place. Our caregivers are held to the highest of caregiving standards so you can be sure that your loved one is in good hands. For more information, give our office in Calgary, AB a call at 587-315-5388 or contact us online.

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