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The Importance of Stress-Free Environment for Heart Health

Home Care Blog>In Home Care  |  February 15, 2019

Senior male in wheelchair with outside with caregiver | Comfort Keepers Calgary | BLOG POST | The Importance of Stress-Free Environment for Heart Health

The Importance of Stress-Free Environment for the Heart Health of the Seniors

The Importance of Stress-Free Environment for Heart Health is critical considering one of the most common causes of death among seniors is the heart attack. It’s a similar case with other coronary diseases, which is why it’s important to discuss ways of reducing the risk of these issues. And February is National Heart Health Month, so it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about ways of ensuring the health of the senior heart.

Following doctor’s orders is crucial for seniors suffering from chronic coronary diseases. Taking the right medication can reduce the risk of dying significantly. Of course, when it comes to heart health, it’s much better to prevent coronary diseases than to treat them.

Prevention is the key to heart health and a healthy lifestyle is a crucial ingredient. The seniors need to eat a healthy diet which promotes heart health. We’re talking about avoiding processed foods and unhealthy fats while increasing the consumption of oily fish, olive oil, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.

Apart from eating healthy, the senior needs to acquire some healthy habits as well as lose some unhealthy ones. Drinking and smoking are the enemies of a healthy heart, while regular exercise is its ally. Still, all of this probably won’t do much for the senior’s health if they’re experience big stress on a regular basis.

Companion Care Might be the Solution to the Stress Problem

Getting old can be very stressful, especially for those seniors who live alone. Loneliness is never good, especially when you don’t want to be alone. As a result, the levels of stress go up and many emotional problems occur, including anxiety and depression.

Comfort Keepers® Calgary Can Help

At Comfort Keepers®, we create individual care plans for every client. These plans include wellness goals that consider physical, mental and emotional health. Our caregivers can help support physician-prescribed diet and exercise plans, provide medication reminders, provide transportation to appointments and help seniors engage in the activities they love the most. And, our caregivers can help senior stay connected with loved ones through video chats, phone calls and care updates. We believe that every senior should experience the best in life.

Contact the Comfort Keepers Calgary office to learn more about how we can help maintain safety, comfort, and happiness in the home.

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