Vision Loss in Seniors

Seniors in Calgary, AB with vision impairment may feel depressed, anxious and unable to engage in their daily activities. The home care services offered by Comfort Keepers can help.

Vision loss is one of the most traumatic health issues seniors face. Vision impairment makes it more difficult to prepare meals, go for walks, or even use the telephone. Many seniors with vision loss feel as if they are unable to engage in the daily activities they love.

Vision impairment is a major contributor to disability and a primary reason why families seek home care for their senior loved one. Many older adults experience diminished quality of life and loss of independence as a result of their vision loss.

Vision Loss Creates a Vicious Cycle

Research shows that seniors with vision loss have greater difficulty engaging in daily activities than those with other chronic conditions. Older adults with vision loss also tend to have a greater number of chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. This may be attributed to the fact that seniors with diminished eyesight tend to have poorer diets and are less physically active. Poor eyesight makes it difficult or impossible to safely prepare meals at home. Vision loss also makes it more difficult to walk and get outdoors for exercise.

As a result of all of these effects, seniors with vision impairment tend to have higher levels of depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that the depression and anxiety associated with vision loss is more detrimental than the vision loss itself. Seniors become more depressed as their eyesight worsens, and in turn, that leads to more medical problems. It creates a vicious cycle.

How Home Care Can Help

Home care services, such as those offered by Comfort Keepers of Calgary, AB, can help seniors maintain their daily routines. Doctors can also enroll seniors in rehabilitation programs to help them cope and manage their vision loss.

Assistance with meal preparation, transportation, physical exercise and social events can help seniors maintain a high quality of life despite their vision loss.

Call Comfort Keepers today to learn more about how we can help your senior loved one live the best life possible.

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