Long Term Care for Seniors in Calgary, AB

Comfort Keepers provides long term care services for seniors to help keep their minds’ and memories’ sharp

Seniors don’t have to accept memory loss and slowed cognitive function as just another part of aging. Exercise, a healthy diet, and lots of mental stimulation and activity can help seniors keep their brains strong and healthy as well as keeping their bodies strong and healthy. Comfort Keepers of Calgary has experienced and compassionate long term care providers who can help your senior loved one retain their mental function through a holistic approach to living independently.

The Many Benefits of Physical Activity

Staying active helps the body and the mind. In fact, doctors believe that regular activity can stave off dementia. Some studies have shown that the bilateral stimulation of walking stimulates the brain as well as the body. And the improved circulation that comes from regular walking helps increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

Comfort Keepers of Calgary has the best long term care providers who can assist older individuals with activities that safely encourage healthy movement, all the while minding the specific physical needs of the client.

Mental Exercises Keep Cognitive Abilities Strong

The brain needs a good workout regularly just like the body does. Comfort Keepers of Calgary long term care providers offer the kind of mental exercise that seniors need like having engaging conversations, cooking or baking, making art, reading, playing board games, or doing puzzles. Our caregivers cater to their clients’ interests and capabilities to offer the perfect set of mental exercises.

Socializing is Good for the Heart and the Mind

Loneliness can be a big factor in both physical and mental problems in seniors. Seniors living at home need interaction and socialization in order to stay healthy. Long term care providers from Comfort Keepers provide conversation and socialization on a regular basis for seniors and also can help seniors get out to socialize with family and friends by helping them with personal care and transportation.

When hiring our caregivers, we considered both their capabilities and their innate compassion. We grew our team with professionals who demonstrate a genuine interest in forging strong connections with seniors. Through our unique Interactive Caregiving™ approach, our caregivers provide clients with genuine friendships that build regular socializing into their routines.

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We believe in consistency with caregivers so your loved one has 1 reliable, family-focused caregiver for their care

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