Dementia Care in Airdrie, AB

Specialized dementia care for seniors in the Airdrie area.

At Comfort Keepers, we understand that no two people experience dementia in the same way. As there are no set symptoms or scheduled rate to which a person progresses through the disease, families must be aware of the care options for their loved one in case their health undergoes sudden changes. With a Comfort Keepers dementia care your senior’s health, safety and quality of life will be tend to by an experienced in home caregivers.

Dementia Care in Airdrie, AB

Dementia is scary not only for those being diagnosed but also their loved one’s. After a loved one’s diagnosis, family can begin to question the ultimate desires of their loved one, taking into consideration where they would like to receive their care (i.e. in home, assisted living facility, nursing home), when they would like for a professional caregiver to begin (i.e. early stages, late stages) and more. With our caregivers extensive knowledge, compassionate support, and well-informed guidance, your senior loved one can maximize their independence and quality of life despite the diagnosis.

While our caregivers are able to provide support for daily tasks such as light housekeeping, meal preparation and errand running, our caregivers are also trained to provide specialized dementia care services, such as:

  • encouraging activities that stimulate the senses (i.e. baking, painting, gardening)
  • reminiscing on beloved memories (i.e. looking at photo albums, reading a favorite novel, watching family videos)
  • providing emotional support
  • helping to maintain a safe environment (i.e. clearing pathways, adding guard rails)

Comfort Kepers dementia care services provide support to family members as well. A caregiver can provide valuable resources regarding the disease, provide key tips to managing the challenges that come with the advanced stages of the disease and more.

To learn more about our individual home care services in Calgary or to book a complimentary in home assessment, contact us through our website or call us today at 587-315-5388.

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