Getting Enough Rest Can Change Your Life

Elderly woman sleeping in her bed in Edmonton, AB

How in-home care can help with sleeping patterns and problems

Sleep is important for all of us, and getting enough rest can have a wide variety of positive impacts on various health factors. Getting enough sleep has been proven to improve heart health, brain health, daily activity, energy, and the immune system. However, most adults don’t get enough rest, and for seniors, that can mean worse health.


In-home care can help your aging loved one to implement the tools they need to ensure better rest and better health. Some simple tricks that improve rest can be:

  • Having a regular daily schedule, including a sleep schedule
  • Cutting out sugar, caffeine, or nicotine in the evening hours
  • Managing chronic health issues or chronic pain effectively through medication regimens
  • Engaging in relaxing activities before bed


Many of the habits that encourage good sleep and rest are habits that encourage good health generally. Your care provider will work with your loved one to create a daily schedule that facilitates their best quality of life, including any hobbies, lifestyle preferences, social activities, or community activities they want to engage in. Having a regular schedule can also improve memory and feelings of safety or stability for seniors of all ages.


Your care provider can use that daily routine to also implement healthy dietary adjustments, such as cutting out sugar or caffeine at night. This doesn’t mean your loved one’s habits have to be disrupted; but an after-dinner coffee could be replaced with decaf, or tea, and other small adjustments that can lead to better sleep at night.


In-home care providers can also help implement regular medication reminders to be sure that all medications are taken according to doctor’s recommendations. Staying on the correct schedule can make medication more effective, reduce side effects, and reduce the likelihood that medications might be skipped or forgotten.


If your loved one isn’t getting enough rest at night, our care providers can help. Call Comfort Keepers in Edmonton today to learn more about our cost-effective and fully customized in-home care.


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