Important Facts About Strokes in Edmonton, AB

A senior holding his head who is suffering from a stoke in Edmonton, AB

Stroke is the third leading cause of death in Canada, aside from heart disease and cancer. While anyone can have a stroke, some people such as older adults are more at risk. In fact, nearly three-quarters of strokes occur in seniors. Stroke is also the primary cause of disability and one of the main causes of mental disability.


More women die of stroke than men in Canada but, since women live longer than men, more women are living with the effects of stroke.


People who have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or use some medications are more prone to having a stroke. Things like age, weight, genetics and gender are also risk factors.


Types of Strokes

There are three main types of stroke and the most common one is ischemic stroke. When arteries narrow or get blocked, blood flow to the brain is reduces which causes a stroke. On the other hand, a hemorrhagic stroke happens when a blood vessel leaks or bursts. The third type is the transient ischemic attack which is also known as a mini-stroke. It is also caused by a narrowing of the arteries, but unlike the ischemic stroke it only causes temporary symptoms.


After a person has a stroke, every second counts. Anyone who experiences symptoms should not wait for them to just go away, but instead call 911 or visit their physician.  Receiving medical assistance after a stroke is critical, since quick treatment can minimize damage and potentially be a life-saver. Some of the most common symptoms include trouble speaking, confusion or trouble understanding, paralysis of the face, arms or legs, trouble seeing or walking, headache, vomiting, neck stiffness and dizziness.


Comfort Keepers Can Be Of Assistance

Regardless of whether a senior simply needs assistance with everyday tasks or is recovering after a stroke, our caregivers can ensure they receive the level of care they need. If your loved one had a stroke, we can provide wellness support, take your parent to scheduled appointments and remind them to take their medication. Our caregivers will also ensure that your senior follows the physician-prescribed exercise regimens and eats healthy.  We will keep an eye on your loved one and notify their care team as soon as we notice changes in behavior or physical characteristics. With our help, seniors can lead happy and active lives and age in place, regardless of their age and health issues.


If you wish to learn more about our in-home care services, don’t hesitate to contact our local Comfort Keepers office in Edmonton, AB.

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