What Seniors and Their Families Are Saying About Comfort Keepers®

More and more seniors today want to continue living in the comfort of their own home as they age. Many have had this desire fulfilled beyond their expectations with the exceptional, compassionate in-home caregiving services of Comfort Keepers®. Following are just a few examples of the comments we receive every day from satisfied seniors and their families.

“…The Best and Most Trusted…”

I am very pleased that I chose Comfort Keepers®.  Their commitment to client care and integrity of their staff make families of loved ones completely at ease knowing that they are being looked after the way a family member would look after them.

In essence, I am happy to say that Comfort Keepers® are our “extended family.”
I would highly recommend Comfort Keepers® to anyone who asks for in-home care as they are, in my opinion, the best and most trusted in their field.

Comfort Keepers® Client

“…Extremely Happy…”

I have been extremely happy with the services provided by Comfort Keepers®, Oakville Office. Their staff is well trained, carefully screened for honesty, caring, efficiency and ability. They are very punctual and reliable and fit in with my lifestyle. The managers care a lot about your happiness and contentment.

Comfort Keepers® Client

“…Caring and Professional…”

From the initial phone contact when I spoke to Janet through to the care providers,
I found Comfort Keepers® to be a caring and professional service.

You demonstrated your patience and concern for my mother’s situation, and you were open to feedback.

Comfort Keepers® Client

“…Exceeded my Expectations…”

Hi Laurie,

I wanted to send a few words your way regarding the service you and your staff provided to my parents when we were all in a bit of a crisis. We needed care a.s.a.p. I made the first call to Comfort Keepers® late in the evening. Not only was it was returned immediately, you found someone to come in the next morning.

WOW! A couple of things after that which exceeded my expectations… your staff made follow up calls to see if everything was going well, you had a staff member visit with my parents to ensure they were comfortable with the care giver, you provided the same care giver time and time again to reduce confusion.

I spoke with many staff members on the phone when calling in and each and every one of them was courteous, caring and extremely helpful. Thank you for making my job of “care giver” a much, much easier one.

Keep up the good work!


Cheryl M.

Feel free to call us if you would like to hear more from what our satisfied clients have to say.

Caregiver Testimonials

Comfort Keepers® love what they do. But do not take our word for it.

Instead, listen as a few of our Comfort Keepers® talk about the joy they get every day from helping seniors and other adults continue to live where they most want to be – in the comfort of home.

“Being a Comfort Keeper® is a wonderful job! So much so, that it often doesn’t even feel like work. Not only do you get to provide care to people who need it, but you also provide companionship.

There is nothing better than seeing your client’s smiling face when you walk into the room to start your shift.”


“As an older caregiver for Comfort Keepers®, I have found a new and exciting passion for helping people.

Knowing the impact you can make in a person’s life in such a short time is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.”


“Being a Comfort Keeper allows me to help great people in the City of Greater Sudbury. From Wahnapitae to the South End, every day brings something new.

Working for an organization like Comfort Keepers, allows me to leave with pride after every shift!”


“My work as a Comfort Keeper is very rewarding for me on a personal level and fulfills me on a spiritual level.

To see a face go from hopelessness to happiness because of something that I have done for them is very special.

Anyone can be a caregiver but it takes a caring person to be a good ‘Comfort Keeper’.”


I became a caregiver because I believe the older generation deserve dignity and quality of life.

Wanting to make a difference in the lives of my clients has been wonderful. The people I have met are gracious and very thankful.

It makes a real difference in my day to know the simplest things can mean the world for people who are lonely and isolated. This job has opened my eyes to the future, which will be for all of us. I hope to have the same kind of help that is so easy to give.


Comfort Keepers® assigns me clients that have helped me grow as a care giver in so many ways. I am highly committed to each of my clients and to making sure that they have the best quality of life. I appreciate all that you do to increase my knowledge and make me a better caregiver. That’s why I love working for Comfort Keepers® and love going to my clients every morning.


I want to thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Comfort Keepers®. You have such a wonderful company and you go out of your way for both your clients as well as your employees. I can’t say enough good things about Comfort Keepers®. Thank you for allowing me to be part of Comfort Keepers®.


Working for Comfort Keepers® has given me the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. It feels great to know that I am helping to make someone’s life better. The staff at Comfort Keepers® does so much to make my days go well.

Thank you for the support that makes what I do with my clients possible.


Thank you for everything you do to make my job easier. There is always open communication with the staff and the training sessions you offer are a real plus. The staff at Comfort Keepers® always assigns me the nicest clients. They provide detailed information to me about my clients which make it easier to do my job. I am proud to say that I am a Comfort Keeper.


While working for Comfort Keepers I have heard nothing but positive praise from my clients about Comfort Keepers®. Comfort Keepers® want their clients to have the best care, so they match the caregiver to fit the client’s needs. The staff is professional and caring. They have assigned me to a variety of cases and I appreciate the opportunity to help so many different people. I love being able to make people happy. I have recommended Comfort Keepers® to friends and hope to work for Comfort Keepers® for many years.


Since the very first day I began to work for Comfort Keepers, I have been very impressed with the company. The attention and consideration they give to their clients is wonderful. It makes me very proud to be part of a company that cares as much about their clients as I do. It gives me such joy to see my clients smile and know that I am helping them stay independent. I appreciate the opportunity to be a Comfort Keeper and I am glad to be a part of the team. I love my job.


I have worked for other homecare companies, and have listened to many complaints from the clients about the service they receive from both the caregivers and head offices. While working for Comfort Keepers® I have heard nothing but positive praise from my clients. Comfort Keepers® offers flexible hours to both clients and staff, a friendly work atmosphere, and ongoing communication with office staff. They listen when you talk, and care about their clients and staff like no other company I have worked for in the past. I am proud to be apart of this growing company.


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