At-Home Care Services for Seniors

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Medical Alert Bracelets

If a loved one is injured or in other distress, our medical alert bracelets make it easy to contact help. Simply press a button, and our SafetyChoice® Centralized Monitoring Station will respond promptly. Many seniors, particularly men, prefer the convenience of a medical alert bracelet over the necklace or pendant option.

How They Work

The medical alert bracelets send an emergency message via a tabletop console connected to a phone line in the home. These consoles, known as Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), offer different configurations and features. Learn more about them below.

Medical Alert Bracelets for Seniors

PERS G2000

This system can accommodate a combination of monitors, such as bracelets, bed-side pressure mats, and other options.

PERS G4000

This is a basic, easy-to-use system that works only with necklace monitors. The included monitor is waterproof and may be worn during bathing.

PERS G1150

This system features a slimmer design for a smaller space. It works well with door and window sensor monitors.

In-Home Consultation

Comfort Keepers® will assess your safety needs and recommend the right product. Comfort Keepers will visit the home, work with the family to determine the specific needs, and demonstrate how these care products help seniors stay safe while maintaining independence in the home.
*SafetyChoice® is not available in all areas, check with your local office for availability


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