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Personal Emergency Response System Libris1

Keeping Active Seniors on the Go

With Comfort Keepers® SafetyChoice® Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), active seniors no longer need to stick close to home to feel safe and secure. This PERS unit is equipped with GPS tracking and locating, providing the wearer with safety monitoring from virtually anywhere via cellular networks.

The device’s adaptive, multi-sensor fall detection automatically contacts the monitoring center in the event of a fall, so help is available whenever and wherever it is needed. Adaptable and portable, Comfort Keepers® SafetyChoice® Mobile PERS gives seniors the freedom they want with the safety they need.

SafetyChoice® Mobile PERS Features:

  • The Mobile PERS (Libris1 model) offers easy-to-use, single-button operation and hands-free, two-way communication.
  • The unit is equipped with adaptive, multi-sensor fall detection technology.
  • The PERS offers an immediate connection to the monitoring center, so assistance is available anytime and anywhere.
  • The unit provides reliable, nationwide coverage to keep wearers on the go.
  • The Mobile PERS can be worn around the neck or can be clipped onto a belt.

We offer a variety of PERS types to fit any lifestyle:

The SafetyChoice® G2000 PERS is a traditional tabletop console that allows the client access to our 24-hour centralized monitoring station.

The wireless PERS, for clients who do not have a landline, and the smaller, compact G4000 PERS offer clients greater options.

With its greater range capability, the home and yard PERS-LM5000 allows seniors the ability to move more freely around their homes and yards.

Lightweight pendants, wrist bands, or belt clips used with the PERS units allow greater mobility for more active seniors.

In-Home Consultation

Comfort Keepers® will assess your safety needs and recommend the right product. Comfort Keepers will visit the home, work with the family to determine the specific needs, and demonstrate how these care products help seniors stay safe while maintaining independence in the home.
*SafetyChoice® is not available in all areas, check with your local office for availability


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