How To Get Your Family Member To Accept Elder Care

Helpful tips for families considering elder care for their loved one in Brantford and Cambridge, Ontario


It’s not always easy to determine when it is time for your aging family member to get help. Some signs of seniors who could benefit from elder care are that they may appear more unkempt or confused than usual or begin to have difficulty getting around like they used to. Adult children feel relief when they decide it is time to find home care services for their parent, however, the difficult part is when mom or dad sees things differently and refuses to get help.

This disagreement about receiving elder care is not something you may have been prepared for. Emotions will run high because you only want the best for your loved one and you don’t want to argue. At Comfort Keepers of Cambridge and Brantford, we recognize the difficulty of this situation many families are thrust into, which is why we’ve put together a few tips to get senior parents to accept care.

How Can I Convince My Parent to Accept Care?


Bring up the topic casually. Sometimes it’s best to test the waters before suddenly springing the home care discussion on your parent. Try saying you wish you had some help around your own home and ask your parent about what they wish they had help with. Just keep the conversation light.


Focus on independence. Often seniors refuse help because they are too proud and don’t want to put burden on others. Let them know that by seeking care they are not giving up their independence, but instead they will be able to live life more to the fullest with access to help when they need it.


Start with housekeeping help. Your parent may not object to having a caregiver in the home if the focus is on help with chores such as laundry, running errands, and making meals. If they need help with personal care services as time goes on, it will be easier if they are used to having a caregiver around.


Ask how they want to spend their senior years. Most likely, your parent will want to continue living in his or her own home. Just let them know that hiring a caregiver is the best way to live at home safely, and that experts recommend getting started with help before their abilities diminish with age.


Consult the experts. Advice from your parents’ physician may carry more weight, so they know it is not just you being overly concerned. If the family as well as outside professionals agree that it is time for care, your loved one may be more accepting. Comfort Keepers offers a free in-home consultation so they can get more familiar with the process.


Emphasize well-being over money. Many seniors recognize they need help, but don’t want to put financial strain on their family. Tell your parent that to you it is well worth the peace of mind knowing that they are safe and experiencing the highest quality life possible.


Let them know the decision is not final. Your loved one will feel stressed if they feel like they are stuck after making a decision. Let them know they can try out elder care for a few weeks and if they don’t like it there are many other options you can discuss later.


Remember this is about a better quality of life. Don’t bring up home care as if your parent has a problem you are trying to solve. Instead, focus on all the ways a caregiver can make your parent’s day better – not only will they have help around the home, but a true friend who can bring about laughter, conversation, and new experiences to bring fun into their usual routine.


If there is a senior in your life who may need some help living at home, contact our office serving Cambridge, Brantford, and surrounding areas today to learn how our elder care may help.

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