Your senior loved one may be independent enough to continue living in the comfort of their home

In this day and age, many seniors want to spend their golden years at home, instead of moving to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Even if your parent needs assistance with everyday tasks, they still might be able to age in place. Comfort Keepers has provided top-quality homecare for years, so if you are not sure whether your parent can live on their own with some help from professionals, we are here to help. Here are several signs your loved one is able to age in place.

They can easily move around the house

A home that is ideal for aging adults has large doorways and no stairs. However, since most homes do not fit this description, some changes will have to be made. Our professional homecare providers can recommend you rearrange the furniture, install grab bars and rails and get rid of the clutter. Throw rugs, loose cords, and appliances that have never been cleaned are just an accident waiting to happen. However, our caregivers can ensure that your parent spends their days in a safe environment.

They own an emergency response system

If you are afraid to leave your parent alone, installing an emergency response system can give you a peace of mind. With this device, you will be at ease knowing that even if your parent falls down and cannot get to their phone, they will be able to immediately call for help. Our representatives are available 24/7 to receive the call, talk your parent through what’s happening and get them the help they need.

They willingly engage in daily activity

If your parent wants to age in place, they need to stay strong and flexible enough to get around the house and complete daily tasks. They will manage to do this by staying active physically and mentally on a daily basis.

They are open to homecare and support services

Seniors who live alone often need some help with various tasks. However, not all of them are willing to get the help needed. If your loved one doesn’t mind hiring someone to do their yard work, prepare them healthy meals or even provide homecare services, they are capable of living on their own.

They visit their doctor

In order to live on their own, your parent needs to be able to maintain their health. That means that they don’t forget to get their annual checkups, they pay attention to their health issues and make sure their health records are in order.

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