Home Senior Care: Mobility Assistance in Cambridge, ON

Help your senior loved one in the Brantford or Cambridge area stay safe and independent at home

As they age, many seniors will become less and less mobile. In addition to causing a myriad of physical health problems, this can result in your loved one’s mental decline as well. In order to prevent both, consider how home senior care can help your loved one stay on top and chart a path towards their best life.

Mobility Assistance and Home Senior Care

At Comfort Keepers, we understand the importance of staying active. In fact, activity is one of the pillars of the unique brand of home senior care we call Interactive Caregiving. As part of our Interactive Caregiving program, we encourage seniors to stay as active as possible throughout the day, even participating in their own care in part. However, some seniors need some assistance with their mobility. We are here to help your loved one stay active and improve their physical, emotional and mental wellness.

Recent research by the International Journal of Nursing and Midwifery shows that mobility plays a critical role when it comes to a senior’s wellbeing and quality of life. This, of course, encompasses even the most basic understanding of mobility, like that of being able to move about comfortably in one’s own home. All of this plays a huge role in the proper physical, mental and emotional well-being of older adults.

Unfortunately, many factors contribute to decreased mobility in the senior population. Often, older adults experience chronic illness and injuries that make it difficult to move around safely without supervision. To help older adults regain their mobility loss and live safely, Comfort Keepers provides mobility assistance, transferring and positioning and companionship services during exercise and other activities.

Helping Seniors Reclaim an Active Life

We can help your loved one move around in their home, but also outdoors and anywhere else they would like to go. This can help open up a lot of doors for your loved one. Many seniors with decreased mobility stay inside or do not leave their beds out of fear. With a home senior care professional around, your loved one will get their life back. They will no longer need to fear activity. They can move about wherever they would like with peace of mind.

For those seniors who have to must remain seated or those who are bed-bound, we offer transferring and positioning services. This helps relieve pressure off certain parts of the body and improves breathing, digestion, and proper bowel movements.

To find out more about home senior care in the Brantford and Cambridge, ON area, please give us a call today.

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