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Help Seniors with Dementia Stay Engaged with Activities

Uncategorized  |  August 20, 2022

In the early stages of dementia, many seniors show less interest in their favorite activities, and
that can be hard on the family and loved ones who want to help them. Routine activity, as long
as it is carefully planned, can enhance the lives of those affected by dementia and support them
in many ways by helping them stay focused and not wander; easing agitation; maintaining
proper blood sugar, blood flow, blood pressure, and weight; keeping their minds sharp;
potentially slowing down the decline of dementia; warding off depression, and building
confidence as they start to lose some of their abilities. Because of these benefits, it is important
to provide ongoing opportunities for these seniors to remain engaged.

Some activities that prove beneficial for seniors and help to keep them more engaged with
those around them include the following:

• Explain the activities beforehand, even if you are not sure that the person with dementia
can fully understand your instructions.
• Do regular reevaluations of the person’s abilities as their dementia progresses so you
can adjust their activities and avoid frustration or agitation.
• Be aware of the limitations, such as eyesight, the need for rest, and times of day that
work best for the individual.
• Focus on enjoyment, not achievement, and be careful not to criticize or correct them.
• Let individuals with dementia know that they are needed by asking for their help during
activities of all kinds.

Some activities that prove beneficial for seniors and help to keep them more engaged with
those around them include the following:

• Talk about past loves and relationships. Most people with dementia can easily recall
events from the past compared to the present. Bring old scrapbooks, photos, and cards
to help get and keep a discussion going. Talk about their most favorite romantic
memories, even crushes from their school days and early dating years.
• Listen to music.
• Create art. Use construction paper, paints, doilies, felt, stickers, and markers to create a
work of art. Have the individual sign their name on the artwork and give them to facility
staff, family, grandkids, and neighbors.
• Bake something sweet. If it is safe, make and decorate cookies using very simple
recipes or ready-made dough. Just like music, the sweet smell of baking treats might
help bring back memories to share.
• Make craft flowers. Offer tissue paper with green pipe cleaners. Have participants fold or
cut the paper into flower shapes and then glue them on the pipe cleaners.
• Offer clay as a craft element. Participants can make boxes or paperweights out of clay
that can be baked and then painted. Molding clay offers exercise that will keep hands
and fingers strong.
• Make jewelry. Use colorful beads, which can be decorated with paint or glitter, and
strings to create gifts such as key chains, or door and window hangers. In addition to
exercising hands, beadwork helps retain and improve the ability to manage details.
• Create with fresh flowers. Buy planters and plant succulent and carnation arrangements.
For a simple activity, buy vases and an assortment of fresh flowers and embellishments
the senior can assemble.
• Make gift bags to share. Buy decorative cellophane bags and an assortment of
chocolates and small gift items for the seniors to create gift bags. This is a great activity
that keeps seniors with dementia more active in sorting items.
Finally, remember to keep it fun. Make sure that the activities are in line with the person’s
interests and adjust them to their current ability level to avoid frustration. Plan outdoor activities
whenever possible, and be sure to vary activities to include physical and mental stimulation, as
well as those that stimulate sight, smell, hearing, and touch. Also, it is important to maintain a
sense of structure, even though the activities may be varied. Following these guidelines can
offer a stimulating, enjoyable holiday for those who are affected by dementia and their loved


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