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Home Health Care refers to at-home medical attention given to a patient by a licensed medical professional, like a physical therapist or a nurse. These professionals typically work in conjunction with a patient’s primary doctor on a pre-planned treatment strategy.

Below is a collection of articles and resources created by Comfort Keepers to provide information about Home Health Care and related topics.

Comfort Keepers Canada is a leading provider of in-home care for seniors and the disabled—not a provider of home health care. Our service is a great option for seniors who wish to live at home but need assistance with basic tasks; however, our Comfort Keepers are not medical professionals, and they cannot administer medication or medical advice.

Featured Articles on Home Health Care:

Pneumonia: What Seniors Need to Know

Why Are Seniors Susceptible? There are certain serious health conditions that we often associate with older adults. Heart disease and cancer are a few that top the list. But one that may not seem as obvious has the potential to be just as life-threatening as others in the category. Pneumonia is defined as a respiratory … Read More

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Senior Recovery after a Heart Attack

What you can expect when your senior loved one returns home after a heart attack depends on its severity and the actual damage to the heart. Seniors over 65 may need eight weeks or more to fully recover, and are more prone to complications than younger patients. If your elder loved one has had a heart attack, it’s essential to understand the changes necessary for a successful recovery.

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Seniors: Overcoming the Social and Emotional Impacts of Incontinence

Incontinence affects 200 million people worldwide, both men and women. It is the most prevalent problem in the senior population, yet few seniors want to discuss this problem with their doctors because they are embarrassed or believe this is a normal part of aging with which they must simply learn to cope. Without treatment and guidance from medical professionals, seniors who experience loss of bladder control may find the issue controls their lives.

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Reducing Risk of Hospital Return after Total Knee Replacement

In Canada alone, approximately 60,000 senior knee replacements are performed annually. Unfortunately, because complications can arise during recovery, there is substantial risk that older adults who have undergone total knee replacement will end up back in the hospital. The good news is that there are actions these individuals can take to reduce this risk.

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In-Home Care for Successful Recovery at Home

Changes in healthcare and advances in medicine have created a situation where patients are discharged from the hospital much sooner than previously. While the patients may be medically fit to return home, they are often not mentally and emotionally prepared for the in-home recovery process. Offering the appropriate support at home, however, can give patients a feeling of security and increase their chances of a successful recovery.

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