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Many towns and cities feature apartment complexes and condominiums designed solely for those over the age of 55. Senior housing options incorporate an excellent balance of independent senior living and a social atmosphere. Oftentimes, senior housing staff members are available to assist with daily tasks as needed, and senior housing communities typically offer a range of community activities like movies, social mixers, and outings to sports games.

Below is a collection of articles and resources created by Comfort Keepers to provide information about Senior Housing and related topics.

Comfort Keepers Canada is a leading provider of in-home care for seniors and the disabled. Our service is a great option for seniors who wish to live at home but need assistance with basic tasks; however, our Comfort Keepers do not provide Senior Housing services, as our associates visit their care recipients in their own residences.

Featured Articles on Senior Housing:

Senior Home Security Tips

An All Too Common Crime Crime has inarguably evolved over the last few decades. Today’s wrongdoers have largely turned to hacking, scams, or fraud to get the money and/or personal information they want – often through digital means. Fortunately, public awareness and education on cybercrime and scams has grown substantially, allowing us to become smarter, … Read More

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Steps Seniors Can Take to Prepare for Natural Disasters

In the Blink of An Eye We often underestimate the volatility of Mother Nature, forgetting that our possessions, our homes, and even those we love can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye because of a tornado, hurricane, wildfire, flood, or any number of other natural disasters. Of course, we’ve gotten … Read More

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Seniors and Kitchen Safety: Tips for the “Heart of the Home”

The kitchen can be a dangerous place for seniors and elders. Not only are seniors over the age of 65 more likely to be injured in a kitchen fire, they are more likely to suffer a fall injury due to: items stored out of reach—both too high and too low—and the likelihood that meals are carried to eat in another room.

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Keeping Seniors with Alzheimer’s Safe Room-by-Room

Ensuring that your senior loved one remains as self-sufficient as possible, and yet safe around the house requires a delicate balance. For those caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, that challenge increases ten-fold. Caregivers providing care for someone with Alzheimer’s must be diligent about identifying potential dangers in the home.

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Adapting Homes to Seniors’ Changing Needs

More Canadians are choosing to “age in place.” That is, they opt to stay in their homes rather than move to alternative retirement settings. But that often means they must modify their homes so it’s not a danger to their safety and health when their physical abilities change.

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Universal Home Design for Senior Independence

As more and more older adults are choosing to age in place, the need for home modifications to accommodate physical changes in people is growing. Ideally, homes for aging adults would meet universal design standards, which make structures inherently accessible to older people and those with disabilities. Many homeowners, however, hesitate to upgrade existing homes because of the cost.

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