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Toronto, Ontario: Take Our Homecare Survey

Survey: Do You Need Homecare Services?


Determining when a senior loved one may no longer be able to live alone safely and independently is not always easy. Sometimes the signs are not immediately clear or the prospect of introducing homecare to your loved one may seem daunting. Our care experts in Toronto, ON can not only help you determine what kind of care you may need, but also an adequate schedule that will work with your loved one’s comfort level. We can also provide assistance with finding the right way to discuss these changes with your loved one. All of the care services we provide are flexible and can be adapted to meet changing health needs and personal schedules.

In order to help you decide when may be time for you to consider care services for your loved one, we have provided this short survey. While each individual person’s care services and solutions needs are not always alike, this survey is intended to help you better understand whether the time may have come to pursue homecare services options for your loved one.

Just answer “Yes” or “No” for each of the questions below to get a better idea of whether or not homecare services may benefit your family.

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