Memory disorders affect many of our elder family members and can be devastating for a family. This is why Comfort Keepers of Etobicoke, ON provides specialized non-medical Alzheimer’s care from compassionate and skilled caregivers. Dementia and other memory issues cause a lack of cognition, which contributes to disrupted sleep cycles, difficulties with daily functions and prevents many seniors from living a life they desire in their golden years. During this time, we understand that you would rather help your parent or grandparent, but when the issue is memory, it is sometimes too much for family alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with Alzheimer’s care options that can help with memory ailments.

Professional Care Can Give Better Results

When you have the assistance of a qualified care provider, you are likely to see better results. Many of those who participate in our senior memory programs get additional resources than they would not normally have at home. Additionally, the professional helpers employed here are trained with the right skills so they can understand and predict potential challenges that your loved one may be experiencing.

The differences between Alzheimer’s care and other types of assistance include being able to tailor everything to the specific needs of your loved one suffering from memory loss. This means that you will have someone who can help keep the household stress to a minimum, ensure that cleaning is done, make preparations for wandering or sundowning and provide for any additional special needs associated with complicate memory-related symptoms. Additionally, many of our care providers are familiar with techniques, habits, and therapies that can help a person suffering from a memory or cognitive related disorder.

Rather than your loved one getting frustrated into a state that will agitate or harm then, you can be assured that they will be in the caring hands of a person committed to their safety and wellbeing. This includes complete body wellness. Depending on the stage that a senior is in, we will match them with a caregiver who can encourage them to be as active as they can to help keep their sleep cycle in line and do the little things that make a big difference. This can include anything from keeping the home dim, establishing a routine, providing guidance and memory triggers and much more.

Learn more about what we can do for you and a senior loved one with our Alzheimer’s care services. To get started with services in the Etobicoke area please call us at 416-800-2535. You can also request a free in-home consultation by filling out your information on our Contact Us Form

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