When a person gets older, it isn’t uncommon that they will lose the ability to drive. Many seniors who receive at home care services from Comfort Keepers of Etobicoke, ON have expressed their gratitude for the transportation services that are available to help them maintain independence. Now, with even more access thanks to the wheelchair accessible transportation services, seniors in Etobicoke have even more options to get out and about, more than ever before!

Why is Transportation Vital?

As you may know, we live in an area where a vehicle is often necessary for independence. Because driving can sometimes be impossible due to health issues or age-related conditions, offering a ride as part of our at home care services makes life easier for seniors and their family members. Not only can you be sure that your aging loved one will have a ride when they need it, you can trust the at home care services that they receive while they are home will also be with them while they are out.

Our compassionate aides will be there for mobility assistance, to help calm nerves and provide support wherever they are. Unlike a taxi service, this is a professional door to door service that provides that extra care and attention an elderly loved one may need.  They can offer caring guidance at the grocery store or lend an ear and take notes while at the doctor’s office, and can come back with notes or details that might otherwise be missed.

Transportation services allow for seniors to be more independent and to venture out on their own time without relying on friends or family. As part of our at home care, this gives the opportunity for socialization as well. Aides encourage their clients to be active in their community, within their comfort. However, we find that not having to ask for a ride helps seniors to live a more fulfilling social life outside of their home.

Find out more about our transportation services and see how much easier things can be for a senior in your life. Call us today at 416-800-2535 or fill out our Contact Us form and schedule a free in home assessment.

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