Are you concerned that the senior in your life is not getting the proper nutrition? One of the main reasons Comfort Keepers serving Etobicoke, ON offers nutrition assistance and meal preparation with their home care services is because seniors are commonly at risk for malnourishment and are not always known for eating well. Not eating well or failing to get the right nutrients can cause a host of complications with many age-related illnesses including spiked or lowered insulin levels, gout and dehydration. Additionally, certain medications react with certain foods, so one must always take heed to be careful about the kinds of foods provided when offering home care services to the elderly.

Plus, there are many good reasons that seniors should be eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Some of these include:

  • Increased energy
  • Awareness of their own diet requirements and what they are eating
  • Improved immune system and response to disease
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Stronger cardiovascular system and reduction of age-related illness
  • Better mood and sleep cycles

All of these are reasons why it is so important to be sure that any elder home care plan includes proper meal planning and preparation. Of course, when you have professional help, the guidelines set forth by informed family and medical direction will be followed to the strictest requirements. That being said, that doesn’t mean your beloved elder doesn’t have any say in their food.

The compassionate aides at Comfort Keepers in Etobicoke, ON and nearby areas are also licensed and insured to drive. They are always happy to take their clients out with them shopping so they can pick their own healthy and nutritious foods. Seniors are also encouraged to be a part of the prepping process and caregivers will routinely work with them to cook, doing the parts that the senior needs help with. This encourages social interaction and mobility as well, yet another benefit of these activities.

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