Fire Safety for Seniors: What Toronto Caregivers Need To Know

People over the age of 65 have the greatest risk of dying in a fire. Decreased mobility, health, sight, and hearing can limit an order adult’s ability to reach safety in time leading to an increased risk of injury and even death. The question is, how do we as caregivers reduce that risk?

20% to 30% of Canadian seniors experience a fall due to mobility issues each year. The good news is for Toronto’s seniors is that through exercise, proper medical care, good nutrition, and some preventative measures, seniors can dramatically reduce their risk of mobility issues. Here are some tips for caregivers helping their senior loved ones with mobility issues.

Dealing with a senior or elderly loved one with hearing loss can be maddening, especially if the senior is in denial about their hearing loss. While loss of hearing is a common aliment that comes with aging, many caregivers and seniors need assistance in recognizing, diagnosing and seeking treatment for hearing loss.

Taking care of a senior or elderly loved one, especially if that loved one is in poor health, can put a tremendous amount of stress on non-paid caregivers such as family and close friends. Comfort Keepers can provide respite care for Toronto’s senior caregivers, providing in-home care and support for their elder loved ones.

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