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Most people stumble into caregiving: they don’t plan on being a caregiver until the need arises from a family member or close friend. The same goes for hiring a company like Comfort Keepers to assist with caregiving.  There is a need for caregiving that must be filled either by a loved one or outside assistance. … Read More

Food is fuel for the body, like gasoline is to a car. What you put into your body directly affects how your body works, just like what you put into the gas tank of a car affects how the car runs. Food and nutrition play a vital role in our overall health; our bodies need … Read More

When you think of people suffering from eating disorders, you probably imagine a young girl in her teens, maybe early twenties; dieting or starving herself to deal with the pressures of becoming an adult. For many years, it was suggested that eating disorders existed almost exclusively with younger age groups, such as adolescents and teenagers. … Read More

The human heart has long held our imaginations. A broken heart, a heart full of joy, a heart bursting with pride are all sayings that reflect the special place this organ holds in our “hearts.”   The Power Of The Heart Long ago, Egyptians believed that the heart was the body’s control center. From their … Read More

Winter Blues. Cabin Fever. SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder has many names. Some people mistakenly write off SAD as a simple case of “climbing the walls,” but as a recognized type of clinical depression, SAD requires professional diagnosis and attention, as the Canadian Mental Health Association advises.   As days grow shorter, and daylight becomes scarce … Read More

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