Home Foot Care For Seniors in Peterborough

Seniors Benefit From Regular Foot Care.

Healthy feet are an important part of living a healthy, mobile and independent life as a senior. Unfortunately, foot problems tend to arise more often as you age. Feet lose cushioning over time, nails can become brittle, reduced blood flow can cause even minor wounds to linger or become infected. Foot care for seniors with diabetes is especially important. Diabetes can lead to reduced circulation and sensation in the legs and feet both of which increase your risk for injury and infection. 

As part of our in-home care and companionship services, Comfort Keepers caregivers are able to help our senior clients by soaking, cleansing and massaging their feet. If additional care is needed (including foot health assessment, nail care or diabetic foot care) please see the list of local foot care providers available in the greater Peterborough area. 

Home Foot Care for Seniors in Peterborough

In-Home Foot Care Services For Seniors 

A Step Above Foot Care

Owner and RPN Stephanie

Email astepabove_footcare@yahoo.com

Text 289-251-3212

Love Your Sole Foot Care

Owner and RPN Jessica

Email  loveyoursolefootcare@gmail.com

Call 705-768-6633

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