Physical Games for Seniors in Peterborough

Physical Games Inspire Movement, Play And Joy For Seniors.

Popular physical games for seniors like bowling, horseshoes, or badminton allow for movement and fun; two important parts of a happy and healthy life. Seniors benefit from the physical and social elements of gameplay, including the chance to compete. Most physical games can be modified to make them accessible and enjoyable for seniors of all ages and abilities. Playing games that challenge endurance, range of motion, and strength are a wonderful way to make exercise enjoyable.  Likewise, many physical games include an element of strategy and skill. This lets seniors stay sharp and flex their creative and cognitive muscles, too. 

Physical games and play can be included in any senior care plan for our clients in Peterborough and the surrounding area. Finding new ways to increase the quality of life, health, wellness and independence of their clients is something the special caregivers we call Comfort Keepers are always ready to do.

Senior man playing bocce ball

Support, Companionship And Facilitation For Seniors Wanting To Engage In Physical Games.

Gameplay can happen at home or as part of a larger organized group or team. For seniors living at home, having the companionship of a friend, family member or Comfort Keeper makes physical games more accessible and fun. It can also make participating in more physical activities safer if the senior in question has limited mobility or is living with a chronic condition or illness. Likewise, a Comfort Keeper companion can provide transportation to help a senior client remain active as a member of a team or group. Our priority is helping you create daily moments of joy that benefit your physical and emotional health safely and consistently. 

Games Give Seniors An Opportunity To Socialize And Compete. 

Some of the most popular physical games for seniors include: 

  • Lawn bowling
  • Horseshoes
  • Shuffle-board 
  • Bocce Ball 
  • Golf 

Each game provides seniors with the chance to socialize with friends, family or their Comfort Keeper. By competing in a friendly game, seniors can renew their sense of ability and enjoy the good fun of winning or contributing to a team. Many physical games can be modified to make them accessible to seniors of all ages and abilities. For example, lawn bowling can be played from a seat,  horseshoes can be replaced by bean bags, and golf can become mini-golf or mini-putt. Our Comfort Keepers are always ready to help keep the fun going with fresh ideas and helping hands. 

Gameplay Makes Exercise Accessible And Fun.

Exercise isn’t always a welcome part of the day. But, when exercise comes in the form of a physical game, it is more enjoyable and can even motivate seniors to challenge themselves in new ways. A Comfort Keeper can help ensure gameplay is arranged safely and can offer companionship or a helping hand as needed. Physical games are a wonderful way for seniors to elevate their spirits and their heartrates while building strength, endurance, and joint health. 

Participating In Physical Games Is Good For Senior Mental Health.

Staying physically active is an important part of maintaining a good quality of life for seniors. Exercise promotes a healthy body and a healthy mind, as well. When seniors get active, they are less likely to experience anxiety or depression long-term. Physical games are so good for the senior spirit because they lift the mood due to the benefits of exercise and activity but also because they promote connection, community and fun.

Contact Comfort Keepers Peterborough To Learn More About Games For Seniors. 

If you or a senior in your family needs the in-home support and care of a Comfort Keeper caregiver in order to get active with physical games for seniors, contact us today. Our Comfort Keepers can include physical games as part of any senior care plan for clients in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Together, we can make sure joy, health and play find their way into your everyday life. Click the link below to complete our online contact form or call 705-243-4042.

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