Heart Disease Care for Seniors in Peterborough

Heart Disease Is An Issue That Affects Many Seniors. 

Taking care of your heart is a crucial part of ageing well. Unfortunately, heart disease affects more than two million Canadians every year. There are many factors affecting a senior’s heart health. Conditions like diabetes, chronic stress, poor mental health, inadequate nutrition or trouble managing weight can contribute to a decline in heart health or the onset of heart disease for seniors, among other things. Many of our in-home senior care services can be included as part of a comprehensive care plan focused on heart disease care for seniors. Some examples include: 

Seniors living with heart disease are well supported when they have the in-home care of a Comfort Keeper. By working together with our clients, their family and their healthcare team our Comfort Keepers are able to create a highly personalized senior care plan that centres any specific needs related to living with heart disease. Part of every care plan includes finding moments of joy for our clients and, as they say, a smile can go a long way to a happy (and healthy) heart.

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Heart Disease Care For Seniors Varies Person To Person.

How heart disease shows up in the life of a senior varies from person to person. That is why we work with each of our clients to create a highly personalized senior care plan. We can work alongside family, other caregivers and even healthcare professionals to ensure that our senior clients are receiving the best care and support possible. While our Nursing Care Services allow our senior adult clients to monitor their health between doctor’s visits, effectively managing heart disease can involve a variety of supports.

Diet And Nutrition Play An Important Role In Senior Heart Health. 

Good nutrition contributes to a better quality of life for seniors. Because issues like high cholesterol and diabetes affect many senior men and women, diet and nutrition is an essential factor when it comes to heart health. Whether it is managing weight gain (or weight loss), regulating sugars, following a prescribed eating regimen or simply eating well to feel well, Comfort Keepers can help. Ask us about the following services as part of heart disease care for you or your senior loved one:


Staying Physically Active Helps Is An Important Part Of Heart Disease Care For Seniors.

Exercise helps to prevent and reduce the symptoms of heart disease in seniors. Staying active is, therefore, an important part of staying healthy for seniors. It is especially important for heart health. Being physically active is an important part of many heart disease care plans for seniors.  Regular exercise can lower blood pressure, ease stress, elevate the spirit, and help in maintaining a healthy weight. By bringing movement into the lives of our senior clients, we help them find daily moments of joy and manage heart disease. Comfort Keepers Peterborough can help seniors stay active with the following services: 

Reducing Stress And Boosting Mental Health Help Support A Healthy Heart. 

Too many seniors are missing out on daily doses of joy and laughter because of poor mental health, loneliness, and isolation. Companionship and play are just as important for a happy and healthy heart as physical activity. Comfort Keepers can help by offering the following services to support elderly heart disease care for seniors around Peterborough: 

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Heart health is an important part of leading a long and comfortable life. Comfort Keepers is here to support you or your senior loved one with our elderly heart disease care services. If you or a senior in your family is living with heart disease and needs support or companionship in order to enjoy and maintain a good quality of life, contact Comfort Keepers Peterborough to learn more about how we can help today.

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