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Comfort Keepers provides award-winning in-home care for seniors and other adults in need of assistance with daily activities. Our highly trained and dedicated caregivers can help your loved one stay in their home for as long as safely possible—a dream come true for many elders.

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Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults Right Where You Need It. Comfort Keepers Peterborough, ON provides in home care services and senior care in the following cities in Ontario: Peterborough

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Part of the work Comfort Keepers Peterborough does in this community is to connect seniors and their families with the resources they need to live happy, healthy and well-supported lives.

Overnight Care for Seniors Services in Peterborough

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Overnight Care For Seniors Benefits The Whole Family. 

Caring for a senior parent or family member is a responsibility shared by many here in Ontario. As your loved one ages, the need for round-the-clock care increases. Physical illness, cognitive decline and the risk of injury due to slips and falls can make nighttime an especially challenging time for seniors—especially if they are living alone. If your elderly loved one chooses to age in place at home, it falls to you to provide or arrange in-home care, day and night, as needed.

Taking care of a senior loved one is a rewarding responsibility. But, it isn’t one you and your family need to take on alone. Providing care and companionship overnight can put undue stress on a family. The support of an in-home senior care professional benefits everyone which is why the Overnight Senior Care Services offered by Comfort Keepers Peterborough can help. Ask Us About Overnight Care for Seniors

Reasons Why A Senior Might Need Overnight Care

Many seniors don’t look forward to the nighttime. Besides the usual changes in sleep patterns experienced by older adults, they have other health concerns to contend with. This can make spending nights alone frustrating, difficult and, in some cases, unsafe.

  • Seniors living with chronic illness or pain often worry about managing medications overnight.
  • As many as 46% of adults 65 and older struggle with insomnia. For these seniors, not being able to fall asleep makes the nighttime stressful.
  • Incontinence and the need to wake up and use the washroom is another nighttime stressor for seniors. This is especially true when a helping hand is needed to get from the bedroom to the washroom.
  • The risk or fear of tripping and falling in the night is another very common worry among elder adults.
  • Conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease make seniors especially vulnerable at night.  Waking up in a disoriented state can be frightening and dangerous.

Overnight Care for Seniors  Makes Older Adults Feel Safer And More Confident 

Without the companionship and support of a family member or caregiver, things that seem manageable during the day become obstacles to sleep and peace of mind once the sun goes down. 

Comfort Keepers Peterborough can help. Our Overnight Care for Seniors Services make elderly adults and their families feel safer and more confident at night. Knowing that someone is there to offer companionship and hands-on support makes it easier for everyone to get the sleep and peace of mind they need. Learn More About The Benefits of Overnight Care for Seniors On The Blog

Overnight Care Services for Seniors in Peterborough

Comfort Keepers Peterborough is pleased to offer overnight care for our senior clients. Our caregivers can offer the hands-on support and companionship needed to make nighttime safer, more comfortable and less stressful. 

During an overnight stay, our caregivers can: 

  • Help senior clients bathe and change before getting ready for bed.
  • Make sure their client has everything they need close by before they turn on for the night.  (Ex. a nightlight, water, a walker, etc…) 
  • Remove any obstacles from hallways and stairs to make nighttime trips to the washroom safer and reduce the risk of falls. 
  • Wake with a senior client to help them turn or transfer.  
  • Be there to reassure and comfort a senior who is distressed upon waking whether it is due to anxiety or a condition like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Monitor and facilitate taking medications.
  • Help a senior client rise for the day. 

Types of Overnight Care for Seniors In Peterborough 

Like all of our in-home senior care services, overnight care is tailored to the client’s needs. To accommodate clients who have different care requirements, we have two varieties of overnight care. These are: 

A Sleep Shift: This is a shift where a caregiver is able to doze on and off throughout the night. They check in on the client at regular intervals with or without the assistance of an audio monitor. 

An Awake Shift: During this type of overnight shift, your caregiver remains awake all night keeping an eye on things. In addition to providing care to the client as needed, your caregiver may also perform some quiet chores to help get a start on the next day. 

The In-Home Care Of A Comfort Keeper Can Help Make Nighttime Feel Safe Again.

Overnight care for seniors in Peterborough and the surrounding area can be tailored to include whatever supports our senior clients and their families need. Our interactive and client-centred approach to senior care ensures your goals are always the top priority. If caring for your elderly parent or family member at night is putting a strain on your family, we invite you to consider adding the support of a Comfort Keeper caregiver to the equation. Together we can build a plan of care that allows everyone to have the safe and comfortable night’s sleep they need. To learn more about our Overnight Care for Seniors Services, contact Comfort Keepers Peterborough today. Call 705-243-4042 or fill out our online contact form by clicking the link below.

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