Wound Care for Seniors in Peterborough

Wound Care Is Important For Senior Health And Healing.

Whether you are suffering from a foot or leg ulcer or are healing from a surgical procedure, properly caring for your wounds is critical to your health and healing, Wound care for seniors focuses on assessing, cleaning, and dressing wounds to promote comfort, healing and to prevent infection. If the wounds are such that you or your family cannot care for them yourselves, the in-home support of a nurse should be considered between visits to your doctor or primary healthcare provider. 

If you need help caring for a wound, Comfort Keepers Peterborough can help. Our RPN can visit you in the comfort of your own home and provide you with professional and personable wound care.

Medical supplies laid out in preparation for a senior wound care visit

What Does A Wound Care Appointment Include?

During your in-home wound care visit, our RPN will assess, clean, and dress your wound as needed. Topical medications and ointments can be applied to provide pain relief as well. Furthermore, your Comfort Keeper RPN can take direction directly from your primary healthcare provider and report back to them ensuring you receive the best care possible. 

Wound care for seniors most commonly includes (but is not limited to) treating:

  • Ulcers
  • Bedsores
  • Pressure wounds, skin tears or malignant wounds like those often seen in palliative care or end-of-life settings
  • Post-operative wounds
  • Burns
  • Wounds resulting from an injury

Wounds are assessed and treated by our on-staff RPN. A wound care appointment typically lasts for 30 minutes and can be scheduled independently from other Comfort Keepers senior care services.

Comfort Keepers Peterborough Is Here To Help.

If you or a senior loved one needs assistance caring for a wound, Comfort Keepers Peterborough can help. Our wound care services for seniors, provided by an experienced RPN, will help you promote healing and find the comfort you deserve for a higher quality of life. To schedule a visit with our experienced and skilled RPN in the comfort of your own home call (705) 243-4042 or click the link below.

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