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Social Distancing and Self-Isolation: Ideas For Caring For Yourself And Others During Stressful Times

Blog  |  March 20, 2020

Social Distancing and Self-Isolation: What Does It Mean?

In light of the ongoing spread of the Covid-19 virus, self-isolation and social-distancing are two terms you have likely heard a lot recently. But what do they mean? 

Social distancing

At this time, everyone has been advised to practice social-distancing. Social-distancing is one way to help slow the spread of this virus. Simply put, it means keeping a physical distance from one another. It does not mean confining yourself to your home. Rather, social-distancing means not getting together in groups or confined indoor spaces where the possibility of sharing germs is much higher and harder to control. This is why schools, many places of business, eat-in restaurants and places for entertainment (like theatres) have been asked to close. Social-distancing is for everyone, whether you are sick or not. 


Self-isolation is suggested (and may be required) for anyone who has symptoms associated with Covid-19, who has been exposed to someone who is symptomatic, or who has been in an area that is experiencing an outbreak. Compared to social distancing, self-isolation has a more strict set of guidelines to follow. People in self-isolation are asked to stay at home, unless absolutely necessary, such as to seek medical care. They should: 

  • Arrange to have groceries and supplies dropped off at the door
  • Avoid sharing household items and spaces with family or roommates
  • Keep a distance of at least 2 meters from other people
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces the touch frequently (ex. Bedside tables, doorknobs, phones, etc…)


covid 19 self-isolation peterborough


How to support someone in self-isolation

Because the elderly are often more at risk from viral infections, self-isolation may be recommended. Self-isolation can be very difficult to maintain. This is especially true for seniors who often rely on the support and companionship of family, friends, and caregivers to maintain their quality of life. If you have an elderly neighbour or parent who is self-isolating, there are things you can do to support them. 


  • Bring them supplies: Arrange to drop off supplies like groceries, pre-made meals, tissue, soap, and some comfort items like lotions, magazines, or books. 
  • Deliver prescriptions: Often pharmacies have delivery options but that could change. Making sure the seniors in your life have access to their medications is important. 
  • Offer companionship and conversation: Isolation is a common cause of depression, especially among seniors. Call them on the phone, video chat, or leave them notes with the supplies you drop off for them. 



supplies in a basket for someone practicing self-isolation


Practicing self-care during self-isolation

If you are self-isolating, making sure to take care of your physical and emotional health is so important. Establishing a routine that involves movement, eating well, being creative, and enjoying some fresh air can help to maintain a good quality of life. Here are some ideas to help you get through your days: 

  • Maintain a solid morning routine.  It might be tempting to stay in your PJs but getting up, bathing, getting dressed and starting your day is important. 
  • Eat well and stay hydrated. Your meals don’t have to be fancy, but they should nourish your body. If you are relying on someone to bring you supplies, tell them what your favourites are and how able you are to prepare food.    
  • Get some fresh air. During self-isolation, you can still enjoy an open window or sitting out on your front porch. Fresh air and sunshine are instant mood boosters. 
  • Keep your body moving. Even if you are limited to your home, there are simple ways to keep moving. If you are able to do so independently, walk around, enjoy some music and dance, climb the stairs, enjoy some yoga on a mat or in a chair. 
  • Keep your mind active. Staying up to date by watching the news is a good idea, in small doses. Enrich your mind by reading a book, watching a favourite movie, doing crossword puzzles, or writing in a journal. 

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