End of Life Care in Halifax, NS and the Surrounding Areas

Comfort Keepers of Halifax, NS offers end of life care for your loved one.

When diagnosed with limited life expectancy, a person often has a strong desire to live out their final days in the familiarity of their home, in the company of loved ones. Sadly, this can be emotionally and physically exhausting for all concerned.

Comfort Keepers of Halifax can lend support by working closely with a hospice agency or medical provider to fully meet the family’s care needs. We wish to provide your loved one with the familiarity of the home and the soothing warmth of their family. We aim at lessening the burden during this very difficult time. Also known as palliative or hospice care, our end-of-life care services can provide the support needed by the elderly and their families. We intend to put in the best of our efforts to relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for loved one who is living with advanced illness. Through respite care, we can give family caregivers the much-needed rest.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

Our caretakers associated with the end of life care have been a boon to many seniors and various caring families. We at Comfort Keepers offer palliative and hospice care and end of life care to help your loved one to live as well as possible until they die. Moreover, our caregivers ensure that they die with dignity. Our palliative and hospice care include:

  • Personal care including bathing, dressing, and toileting assistance for your loved one
    Maintaining personal hygiene is essential. Our caregivers will provide great personal assistance in an effort to empower your loved one to live well.
  • Companionship to your loved one, giving you a much-needed break
    Our caregivers will fill in for you when you are needed somewhere else. Our caregivers in our end of life care are efficient in providing quality companionship be it for going on walks or dancing, doing crossword puzzles or a hobby, visiting favorite people and places, or just talking about old times.
  • Light housekeeping
    Physical disability may lead to insufficient cleanliness maintenance in crucial spaces. With our End of Life Care, you can rest assured that such situations are averted and your loved ones live in a clean haven.
  • Preparing meals
    Our caregivers will ensure that your loved ones eat right and good.
  • Overnight care
    You will never lose out on the previous night sleep with our overnight care.

After the loved one’s’ passing, our caregivers can also help families deal with the loss. They can assist with organizing or moving personal belongings, or just simply be there to listen if family members need to talk and process their grief.

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