Senior Care Services in Halifax, NS and the Surrounding Areas

Discover senior care services available for nutritional assistance in the Bedford and Halifax, NS area.

Malnutrition is a serious and all too common health issue in seniors. Whether due to mobility issues, loss of appetite, medication side-effects, dementia or depression, the senior population is highly susceptible and vulnerable to nutrient deficiency. Among the many consequences of malnutrition, seniors are at a heightened risk of contracting an illness or infection, can experience accelerated deterioration of speech and memory and may undergo recurring hospital admissions. With a common goal of helping seniors continue to live healthy, independent lives as they age, each team member is trained in senior nutrition, able to identify the signs and symptoms associated with malnutrition and provide personalized senior care services.

Our Comfort Keepers caregivers are proud to provide a range of nutritional services. A few of our nutrition-focused senior care services include:

  • Visiting a local grocery store to purchase nutritious items for a clients fridge, freezer and/or pantry
  • Preparation of healthy, balanced meals and snacks
  • Inspection of the fridge, freezer and/or pantry for expired foods
  • Encouragement of water intake
  • Transportation to doctor appointments
  • Management of medication schedules

Call our office today to discover how we can assist your loved one with their nutritional needs and to learn more about our wide array of available senior care services. To learn more about our funding options, visit our Paying for Care page!


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