Respite Care Services in Halifax, NS and the Surrounding Areas

Respite Care Services for Caregivers in Halifax, NS


We at Comfort Keepers of Halifax provide support and relief as the part of our respite care services for family caregivers. In this day and age of hectic living, we understand that it gets difficult for you to handle family and work while taking out time for your loved one. Being the lone caregiver for a family member can be a rewarding, but also stressful and demanding responsibility, regardless of how much you love them. It becomes essential to employ professional help to balance everything. Our caregivers would provide you the assistance that will help you take care of your elderly as well go about your life properly. Hiring professional care not only reduces your worries but also provides respite to the elderly. They often would not feel comfortable in your care which may be lacking in some places. Our caregivers would ensure to complete the incomplete care.

Comfort Keepers of Halifax’s respite care services can help give you the break you need. Our caretakers would provide assistance and supervision to the elderly while you take the time off to cater to the needs of your professional and personal life. We, at Comfort Keepers, offer professional in-home care for seniors and other adults who are in need of temporary relief from their caregiving tasks. Our respite care services can give you time to carry on the following day-to-day tasks at peace:

  • Spend time shopping

This is an important task of the day. You require some time off to plan and structure the fulfillment of your kitchen needs. This would help you to efficiently restock your home and thus provide the better living for both the elderly and your family.

  • Run errands

Pending bills and other important errands can add to the already built-up stress on your mental health. Therefore, it is essential that you take a break to catch on to these before it becomes the cause of inconvenience. Our caregivers would supervise your loved ones while you go off to provide them a comfortable living.

  • Meet with a support group

It is an undeniable fact that the presence of an elderly who demands extra efforts in their care taking process can be painstaking for the family caregivers. There is a buildup of a mental barrier which needs to be broken. Engaging in the support group with the fellow members also hailing from such families helps you relieve stress as well as formulate new ways in the provision of assistance and supervision of your loved one.

  • Make a doctor or dentist appointment

Taking care of one’s own health is also essential in order to look after the elderly. Your deteriorating health can mean trouble for the elderly. Therefore, our caregivers will provide you the much required time to visit the doctor or dentist to keep up with good health.

  • Simply spend much-deserved time for yourself

Catching up with you is also important. You have your own life to live and we respect that. Therefore, our caretakers ensure that you spend the much-deserved time without any worries of your loved one.

With Comfort Keepers of Halifax’s care services, caregivers can schedule as much or as little time away as needed, and arranging respite care is easy. Your caregiving efforts need not take undue toll on your physical or emotional well-being.

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