A Caregiver Can Provide an Interactive Caregiving Approach in Halifax, NS and the Surrounding Area

Learn more about how a caregiver can provide the Interactive Caregiving approach in to your loved one in Halifax, NS.

With a belief that the key to staying happy and healthy is keeping you engaged socially, physically and mentally. Therefore, we at Comfort Keepers of Halifax offer Interactive Caregiving companionship and have initiated personal care for seniors in Halifax. Our caregivers are efficient in providing quality companionship be it for the afternoon chess games, long evening walks, dancing your heart out, visiting your favorite places and people, completing the crossword in the Sunday newspaper, solving the puzzle, engaging in your hobby or just talking about the golden old times. Provision of personal care to seniors is at the very heart of the Comfort Keepers. To us, happiness is making an elderly person laugh and live life to the fullest

The Interactive Caregiving Difference

Comfort Keepers® of Halifax uses Interactive Caregiving (Companionship and Personal Care for Seniors in Halifax) to have a positive impact on the lives of our senior clients. Interactive Caregiving encompasses the provision of daily needs as well as the much-needed companionship. Comfort Keepers of Halifax intend to have a positive impact on the lives of our senior clients through the use of interactive caregiving. A main focus of a caregiver would be to achieve an amalgamation of companionship and personal care for seniors in Halifax. Therefore, in an effort to foresee the requirements of the future, we plan the path to tread today.

  • In old age, there is an increased probability of accidents that could prove dreadful for your loved one. Therefore, Comfort Keepers has included in its personal care for seniors in Halifax regime physical exercises which can help seniors reduce the risk of falls or another injury.
  • The elderly tend to have a weakened state of mind which affects their ability to retain and remember things. This may become severe with time and lead to your loved one having difficulty in living a normal life. Therefore, Comfort Keepers has initiated the inclusion of mental activities which can help keep their mind sharp, clear and positive.
  • Factors like physical malady and mental disorientation can lead to your loved one being confined to the security of their homes. They may not be able to explore the outside world and interact with their peers. Eventually, this could lead to the development of a sense of detachment. Therefore, Comfort Keepers have evolved from the traditional ways of caregiving to the system of interactive caregiving mapped according to your needs. Thus, our caregiver companionship and safety measure help protect seniors from injury

Comfort Keepers ® of Halifax System of Senior Care

The interactive caregiving system of Comfort Keepers is based on the research which has confirmed that the seniors who remain actively engaged retain better cognitive function, stay in better physical shape, live happier, independent and longer lives. Hence, the interactive caregiving system of Comfort Keepers is essential for seniors.

Four Essential Components to Interactive Caregiving

We at Comfort Keepers of Halifax have designed our interactive caregiving following the subsequent mentioned four components in an effort to provide the ultimate companionship and personal care for seniors in Halifax. A caregiver will ensure:

  • An active mind promotes independence, happiness, physical and mental health and a longer life
  • Well-nourished seniors are more mentally and physically energetic.
  • Promote a safe living environment, reducing the chance of accidents or injury.
  • Companionship and safety technologies to further promote home safety.

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